What's in a name?

Meet 'Zit'. I was very intrigued as to how this Jack Russell Terrier was given his name and perhaps you have already guessed it. His black head may give it away...

It is by far the most creative and original name for a dog I have ever come across. It gave me and those I have told, a great laugh. The story goes, Zit was nameless as a tiny 5 week old puppy but over a few bottles of wine and with the help of some creative minds, 'Zit' was chosen. Brilliant.

If you have a great story behind naming a pet please let me know. My email address is at the bottom of this page. Or maybe I should put it here too, just in case you get distracted on the way there!



This is Meg the Golden Retriever who carries her lead in her mouth wherever she goes. Meg is one of the most gentle and kind dogs I have ever met and she was a pleasure to examine.

When I offered Meg a well earned liver treat at the end of her consultation, she was so reluctant to drop her lead that she attempted to eat the treat with the lead in her mouth!

A bit of a Pickle

Last week I arrived at work and was greeted by Pickles, an adorable 18 week old kitten. I had a very soft spot for this tiny little girl as I also own a cat named Pickles. It is not a very common name so you can imagine how surprised I was when another Pickles then visited me that very morning!

This Pickles was a Siamese. She was extremely well behaved and crouched very quietly on the consult table while I gave her a check over and her yearly vaccination. I think she thought that if she didn't move, I wouldn't notice she was there. She still let me take her photo.

My Pickles is a very personable little cat who has the loudest snore and always insists on jumping on your newspaper, computer keyboard, or in this case, my cookbook!


Dog heaven

If you could hear what the local dogs are talking about right now it would be West Beach Bathers Pavilion. I was lucky enough to visit this great new cafe in Melbourne on the weekend. This is a place where all dogs can visit and enjoy an early morning dip in Port Philip bay and then drool at your feet as you eat your bacon and eggs. This is an impressive cafe/grill/tea room and not only is it a great spot to eat, it is completely dog friendly.

There is a huge outdoor decking so you can sit with your dog and read the weekend papers with a good coffee. Pictured is one of the most handsome patrons, Freddy the Cavoodle (Cavalier x Poodle). I spied Freddy, enjoying brekky with three of his doting girlfriends.

Max on the other hand, was happy just chillin' in the sun. Max told me that he recommends the pancakes, even though he is not meant to be given any table scraps.


Felix the frog

Ok, so this may not be everyone's choice of pet but this little guy is pretty cute! This is Felix, a Peron's tree frog, and he lives in a bird house at my family's farm. The bird house is nestled right outside our kitchen window and the little frog peers in at us with his beady eyes.

The first time he was spotted, my mum mistook him for a bird. A closer look revealed a slimy but adorable little frog!

At night, with his sticky feet attached to the window, he enjoys a meal of moths and other bugs that are attracted to the kitchen lights.


Nelson's first visit to the vet

Who could resist a face like this? Nelson is a very cuddly 12 week old Labrador who visited me yesterday for his vaccination and first health check. He loved the liver treats we had in the consult room - he didn't even notice when I gave him his needle. Puppies need a course of vaccinations and then boosters throughout their adult life. This not only protects your little pup from potentially fatal diseases, but other dogs too.

Nelson has very caring owners and an older Labrador companion at home, Meg. Meg is showing him the ropes and teaching him some manners! I am looking forward to watching Nelson grow into an adult dog.



I couldn't resist adding this photo to my blog because each time I look at it, I start to laugh.

This little goat was spotted on a walk near our farm in north eastern Victoria. He was very happy to have his photo taken and even stopped chowing down on his green grass for the shot!

Meet Nibbles

Here are a few photos I took late this summer of a cheeky ringtail possum who decided to come and sleep in my geraniums. The brave little possum, who I named "Nibbles", managed to get up to the second level of our apartment, climb the walls and sit himself in the window pots. He did a good job of finding himself a comfortable spot and the plants definitely came off second best but I didn't have the heart to move the little guy on.

It was very cool up against the window and he enjoyed the nectarine and fresh water I left for him.

Many possums suffer terribly in the hot Melbourne Summers and they are often brought into the vet clinic after suffering from heat exhaustion. It is a good idea to leave out a shallow bowl of fresh water for our wildlife on the extra hot days.

Nibbles has sadly moved on but I hope he returns next summer.


Milo the super cat

Here are a few photos of 'Milo the supercat'.

Milo was rescued as a 4 week old kitten, after he had ruptured his Achilles tendon. After a bit of TLC, Milo is now one very happy little cat.


Hello and welcome to my blog.

This, my very first entry will hopefully kick start a project that I have been wanting to get going for some time.

Why am I blogging? I love writing and I always have. I love putting words on paper (or more recently, type on a screen) and this is a great opportunity to use this passion with my other great interest in life; people and their pets.

I've been a vet for almost 4 years and I love being a part of the relationship people have with their pets. I wanted a spot to celebrate this and share the enjoyment I get from my job with others.

I'll be updating as often as I can with photos, videos, stories and anything else that comes up when I think about people and their pets. It will hopefully give you an insight into my 'day at the office' and a little more. I'll be out taking photos anywhere I visit. I'll be adding funny tales, silly tales, sad tales and even a few veterinary tales.

Go hug your pet now, it will make you feel better, I promise!

Back soon,


Me with Bella the beautiful Burmese...