Dog heaven

If you could hear what the local dogs are talking about right now it would be West Beach Bathers Pavilion. I was lucky enough to visit this great new cafe in Melbourne on the weekend. This is a place where all dogs can visit and enjoy an early morning dip in Port Philip bay and then drool at your feet as you eat your bacon and eggs. This is an impressive cafe/grill/tea room and not only is it a great spot to eat, it is completely dog friendly.

There is a huge outdoor decking so you can sit with your dog and read the weekend papers with a good coffee. Pictured is one of the most handsome patrons, Freddy the Cavoodle (Cavalier x Poodle). I spied Freddy, enjoying brekky with three of his doting girlfriends.

Max on the other hand, was happy just chillin' in the sun. Max told me that he recommends the pancakes, even though he is not meant to be given any table scraps.