Remembering Zoe

A couple of weeks ago I had to euthanise my dear little dog Zoe.  She was fifteen and was suffering from kidney failure.  Zoe came in to my life nearly ten years ago. Back then she was a middle aged rescue dog and was always very loyal and very loving. I miss her little face and wagging tail terribly.

Euthanising my own dog was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but I was grateful that I was able to comfort her and be with her until the end.

Deciding on the right time to euthanise a pet is always difficult but I always say to my clients, and said to myself when I was faced with the daunting decision, "a week too early is better than an hour too late." Knowing that Zoe is no longer suffering is the greatest gift I could have given her.  Next weekend I will bury her ashes in her favourite sunny spot at our farm.