Snake eyes

Last week I was lucky enough to sit on a very special (but also a little scary) examination at the Healesville Sanctuary.

Our patient was a 20 year old Eastern Brown Snake!

This scaly critter had his eyes checked by a veterinary eye specialist (also known as an Ophthalmologist). The snake was diagnosed with a cataract in his right eye. Fortunately this won't affect him as his wonderful keepers care brilliantly for him bringing him all types of tasty morsels (including baby mice!). This EB snake has been at the Sanctuary for many years as his tail was damaged, probably after being run over by a car :-(

Here is a photo of him being anaesthetised:

Breathing in the anaesthetic gas allowing me to get a little closer!

And scanning for a microchip!

Checking his eyes with a slit lamp that allows examination of the structures inside the eye...

Next up: photos of an Echidna and a Tawny Frogmouth!