The cats of Apricale

High on a mountain top in the Ligurian region of Italy sits an ancient village called Apricale. The town casts a spell on those that visit and many fall in love here and never want to leave.

The cats of Apricale are also magical, they have distinctive eyes and know your thoughts. They love life in this peaceful village and no matter which restaurant you visit, they always recommend you try the local taste sensation; the Coniglio (english translation = rabbit)!!

Street scenes from Provence

Provence is renowned for its amazing food and there is no better place to experience this than at the local markets. The dogs love it too and I was lucky enough to snap a selection of canines with a very strong French accent and others with impeccable style! Stay tuned for the poodles of Paris later this month.

The morning markets are are perfect place to catch up with friends...

Or simply take a slow walk...

It can be quite exhausting!

But there are always plenty of colourful flowers to cheer you up!

If you are a Bouvier des Flandres, your funny face and big tongue cheer everyone up!


A Swiss cow orchestra

The Swiss cows, sheep and goats are all dressed with large bells around their necks and the sound that fills the valleys is amazing. Click here to hear the Swiss cow orchestra...

Swiss farmers have used bells on their herds for centuries. The sound helps the farmers locate the herd in the open alpine meadows. I can't imagine being able to sleep with a herd outside your bedroom (or tent for that matter)!

Travelling dogs

Look closely at the instructions below describing how pets should travel on trains in Switzerland. Take particular note of the mention of the "small bag"...

This image pretty much says it all!


Le chat

"If only there was a way to catch those fat sparrows, damn this wire over my window."


Oh to be a European pet

OK, I've only just realised it. I should have be born in Europe. I am in Geneva, Switzerland for the world veterinary conference and will be blogging from this continent for the next 6 weeks. I am already in heaven as there are so many pets to meet and photograph. The very night I arrived I met the most gorgeous little dog and since then I cannot put my camera down as everywhere you turn there are canines!

Dogs seem to be allowed everywhere; cafes, boutiques, public transport. I've spied dogs sitting at tables and eyeing off pizza, dogs checking out the lastest fashion trends in high street fashion stores and dogs catching the number 10 tram into the city.

I can see that the next 6 weeks are going to be blogging bonanza!

The first dog I met was the adorable 7 month old Boston Terrier, Camille. She was enjoying a Sunday night wine with her mum and had excellent table manners! (sadly I didn't get a very good photo of her at the table so you will have to use your imagination). Camille is owned by a photographer from New York and she was kind enough to email me one of her photos:

It was not long before I found myself surrounded by fashionable pooches...

But then I realised that was because they shop at Zara...

A walk in the park is a great activity for any dog, but especially when you are a mini dachshund!

This well travelled fluff ball told me that the European public transport system is far better that what we have in Melbourne:

And you can always get a seat!

At the end of the day, most of the dogs simply love sitting at a cafe and watching the people go by...

Or having a snooze when you think no one is watching!

Oh the joys of being a European pooch!