Meet Nibbles

Here are a few photos I took late this summer of a cheeky ringtail possum who decided to come and sleep in my geraniums. The brave little possum, who I named "Nibbles", managed to get up to the second level of our apartment, climb the walls and sit himself in the window pots. He did a good job of finding himself a comfortable spot and the plants definitely came off second best but I didn't have the heart to move the little guy on.

It was very cool up against the window and he enjoyed the nectarine and fresh water I left for him.

Many possums suffer terribly in the hot Melbourne Summers and they are often brought into the vet clinic after suffering from heat exhaustion. It is a good idea to leave out a shallow bowl of fresh water for our wildlife on the extra hot days.

Nibbles has sadly moved on but I hope he returns next summer.