Hello and welcome to my blog.

This, my very first entry will hopefully kick start a project that I have been wanting to get going for some time.

Why am I blogging? I love writing and I always have. I love putting words on paper (or more recently, type on a screen) and this is a great opportunity to use this passion with my other great interest in life; people and their pets.

I've been a vet for almost 4 years and I love being a part of the relationship people have with their pets. I wanted a spot to celebrate this and share the enjoyment I get from my job with others.

I'll be updating as often as I can with photos, videos, stories and anything else that comes up when I think about people and their pets. It will hopefully give you an insight into my 'day at the office' and a little more. I'll be out taking photos anywhere I visit. I'll be adding funny tales, silly tales, sad tales and even a few veterinary tales.

Go hug your pet now, it will make you feel better, I promise!

Back soon,


Me with Bella the beautiful Burmese...