Lenno's weekend away

Lenno recently had a little doggie break. He stayed at The Pets Hotel in Port Melbourne. He has been there a few times now and when we arrived last week he jumped out of the car through the air and dragged me in the door. The friendly girls at the front desk loved Lenno's enthusiasm for the place so much that they instantly upgraded him to a large suite with two other canine friends. Lenno was in heaven!
Lenno on his way to The Pets Hotel:
Lenno can't recommend The Pets Hotel more highly. He usually hangs out in a Petzecutive suite (described on their website "for discerning dogs, who are used to the finer things in life.") However he never complains when he is in a classic suite as life here is so much fun! Here's a photo from their website of Lenno's favourite suite:
Daily play times during "Yappy Hour" means he gets to hang out with all sorts of friends in "Central Bark". The dogs are closely supervised and the bigger and more boisterous dogs play separately.
Lenno always comes back from his time at The Pets Hotel with so much confidence. He must have a ball when he is there and I wish I was a fly on the wall...AND luckily, you can!! Owners can view their dogs via a webcam or receive email updates of your pet's stay. Here is a photo of Lenno during a stay earlier this year playing "keepings off" with a green ball.
The Pets Hotel also has accommodation for cats, doggie day care as well as grooming and spa facilities (see link here). Lenno came home yesterday smelling very clean but then rolled in a dead bird during our afternoon walk. As stinky as he was, it was nice to have him home but he certainly wasn't very happy after another bath.....