Only 2 more sleeps!!

Time is running out for you to send me your Christmas Pet Photos!! I've got five gorgeous Disney Santa Paws DVDs to give away.

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As Christmas approaches, it is easy to over indulge and it is the same for our pets. Here is a photo I took last Christmas of the very handsome Oscar. He would LOVE some Christmas ham!!!

Vets commonly see plenty of stomach upsets around Christmas. I often dread working the following week as I usually see so many sick pets!

Please be extra careful and be on the look out for potential dangers. Fatty food can cause your pet to become very sick and even develop a painful and potentially life threatening condition called Pancreatitis.

I have also seen dogs that have eaten meat from the BBQ and got either a cooked bone or even a skewers/shaslick stick stuck in their intestinal tract eventually leading to intestinal perforation (basically the skewer pierces the lining of the stomach). This is NOT GOOD!

Fruit cake, macadamia nuts, grapes, sultanas and chocolate are another hazard - don't leave them in your dog's reach. AND NOTE: Dogs will eat through wrapping paper and get to anything under the tree. When I was younger my dog opened a present under the tree and ate an entire box of Lint Lindor balls (She had good taste in chocolate!). Thankfully she was ok.

Cats can get themselves into trouble too as they love playing with Christmas tree lights and Christmas decos (the string on the decos may be a hazard if swallowed). Again, be aware!!

On a happier note, I hope you have got your pet a Christmas present. I've got a little surprise for Lenno on Christmas day- I'll pop some photos up for you all to enjoy!

Merry Christmas to you and your pet,

Love Fi and Lenno xx