I met another pet obsessed couple on Saturday night (p.s there is nothing wrong with this!). We were sitting next to each other at a wedding and started comparing notes on our dogs. This quickly lead to the retrieval of our mobile phones and a photo album session. There were a couple of photos in particular that I HAD to share with you all.

I would like you to meet the amazing Winston...

Life's pretty tough for Winston.

But wait, there's more.

Here's Winston in a moment of sheer doggy bliss..

This would probably be a pretty good spot to talk about feeding bones. It is OK to feed your dog a bone as long as it is raw. Cooked bones can cause all sorts of problems as they can splinter and lead to an intestinal blockage.

Make sure your dog takes at least 10-30 minutes to have a good chew. It is an excellent way to clean their teeth (similar to natural dental floss!). Small dogs do well with raw lamb necks. Long bones (like the one Winston is gnawing on above) are OK for big dogs as they can't be swallowed whole, but the marrow can give some dogs a nasty stomach upset due to the high fat content. It is best to remove the bone before the marrow gets gobbled up, or before the bone dries out enough to fracture your pooch's teeth. Fresh is always best.

Now that you have met Winston and have been given a 'bone 101', make sure you return to my blog soon to meet Sir Wijinski, the coolest cat going around.