Some very special dogs

I have some very special dogs for you to meet!

This is Wiggans...

Wiggans is a 6 month old Tenterfield terrier. He is owned by my cousins. They originally intended to give Wiggans to us as an engagement present...until...they realised he was so cute that they kept him for themselves! Why would you blame them?!

Wiggans can be seen here with my cousin Phoebe, wearing his Harrods jacket.

Wiggans has another Tenterfield Terrier to keep him company - Angel. Angel is just divine, she is the most dainty little dog I have ever seen. My cousin is a brilliant photographer (far better than me) and I will source some better photos of her!

Finally there is the big but very gentle Toby, seen here with little Lenno. "Tobestar" (as he is known to those close to him) is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Toby is everyone's friend but he has been known to steal a baguette from an unsuspecting family at a picnic!