A day at the beach

It was a stunning afternoon down at the Brighton dog beach last Thursday. This place is awesome. It is one big dog park but it is on the beach. Your furry friend quickly becomes a wet, sandy little beast! I wouldn't recommend trying to eat your lunch there either (my sandwich was stolen by a naughty beagle).

I did get a few photos of two amazing Dalmatians. Meet Louie and Lollie...

They were having the best time and didn't stop running!

These dogs are so good looking!

Of course, Lenno made some friends too...

He loved going for a swim and shaking wet sand everywhere after!

He was so tired after all the excitement that he was nearly asleep on his little paws!

And thankfully, he slept like an angel that night...

I also met a another gorgeous little dog at Brighton dog beach..stay tuned for the coolest dog you have ever seen...Pinky!