A weekend in the Yarra Valley

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in the Yarra Valley with two very special dogs; Alaska and Bob.

Alaska is a beautiful and very intelligent 10 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. She has the tough job of living at the Dominique Portet winery and she spends her days chasing rabbits and breathing in the fresh Yarra Valley air. It's a pretty good life. Although she does not drink, (alcohol is poisonous to dogs) she recommends their Sparkling Rose.

Bob is a gorgeous little mix of a dog and he has a spunky personality to go with it.

Bob was rescued from the Save a Dog Scheme so his exact age is unknown. He may be small but he certainly has Alaska wrapped around his little paw. Bob loves to steal Alaska's bed...

"Bob, get out of my bed and give me back my ball..."

Alaska's favourite game is playing sticks...

And she loves snacking on grass - eating grass is normal dog behaviour!

"Yuk, this grass is very bitter!"

Bob is always up to something..."Please let me out, I want to go and chase those rabbits!"

After way too much excitement, Alaska and Bob were exhausted! At least Alaska got her bed back!