Living with Lenno and living with The Pet Loo!

The Pet Loo is the best invention for people with dogs in small spaces. After the pet playpen, it is an excellent investment! I was a bit skeptical of the Pet Loo initially - I'd read a bit about them but wasn't sure if Lenno would get it!

After a bit of encouragement, he got the hang of it. Every time he jumps on to it I use the command "toilet" and I always give him a treat and heaps of praise and pats when he does the right thing! This will help reinforce toilet training for the months to come. Sorry for the in depth details but for those who want to know - the grass is fake and the urine drains down into a collection tray underneath. You just need to pick up the poo as you usually would when you take your dog for a walk. It is really clever - and better than having poo all over the backyard! I've also got some extra grass replacements so I can wash and dry those not in use.

Lenno couldn't recommend The Pet Loo more highly!