All Paws Aboard

Melbourne 16/05/2010: It started out a little frosty but a spectacular Autumn day emerged for the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk. The event was held nation wide with more than $300,000 raised to help assist the RSPCA. These funds go towards operating animal shelters and provide community education on animal welfare issues (something I'm very passionate about - education is invaluable when it comes to caring for an animal).

Nearly 100,000 paws walked in Victoria alone and I was in heaven. I highly recommend this event to anyone, dog or no dog, you will have a ball - pardon the pun...

There were so many different sizes, shapes and breeds that it was a challenge for me trying to keep up with identifying them all. It surprised me just how many "pairs" of dogs were out there and you'll notice this common theme in the photos below.

See you there next year!

Ronan and Sissi the very photogenic Samoyeds

Zander and Ledger the eye catching Great Danes (they were getting a lot of well deserved attention)

Mitch the Bull Mastiff - what an amazing smile!

Wallace (5 months old) and Harriet (5 yo) The Great Danes
Harriet had attempted to try and lead young and innocent Wallace astray, heading into the lake for a Sunday afternoon swim.

Lana and Zayney the Giant Schnauzers - this duo stood out from the crowd and when I told them they were going to be an internet sensation, they were very happy to have their photo taken.

Penny and Jimmy - a perfect pair

Olive and John, dear little Olive was much happier soaking up the sun than exercising

Even though she was recovering from elbow surgery, Anika wasn't going to miss out on the festivities. She was treated to a very comfortable and stylish tour of the lake.

Jimmy was more interested in checking out the swans than finishing the walk...

Stay tuned for some "after the walk" shots...